How Financially Savvy Are You?

Are you managing your finances like a pro or are there a few areas that can use improvement? Take this quiz to find out.

1. How often do you check your credit report?

A. At least once a year– from all 3 bureaus.
B. Once every few years.
C. What is a credit report?

2. How much do you have in savings?

A. At least three to six months worth of essential living expenses.
B. A few hundred dollars.
C. Nothing.

3. Which of the following most accurately describes your bill-paying habits?

A. I always pay on time.
B. I mostly pay on time but sometimes am a little late.
C. Paying bills is a struggle, and I am often severely delinquent.

4 . How high are your credit card balances?

A. I always pay my balances in full each month.
B. Fairly low.
C. Pretty close to or over the limits.

5. How often do you check your bank account balance and activity?

A. At least once a week – and whenever I am not sure if there is
---enough money in my account to make a purchase.
B. At least once a month.
C. Never – I’m not even sure how much money is in there now.

6. Do you contribute to a retirement plan?

A. Yes – enough to reach my retirement goals.
B. Yes – but only a small amount.
C. No.
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