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Checklists and Charts


June 2014: Getting Off the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

May 2014: Long Term Insurance Care: Yes or No?

April 2014: Mobile Payments: Making Quicker Safer

March 2014: Spring Clean for Extra Green

February 2014: What You Should Know About Home Warranties

January 2014: Bypass These Tax Blunders


December 2013: Make Your Phone Smart and Safe

November 2013: Helping the Compulsive Spender You Love

October 2013: How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

September 2013: Home Security Without Sacrificing Financial Security

July 2013: Money Communication for Couples

June 2013: Is All-inclusive All It's Cracked Up to Be?

May 2013: Big Budget Blind Spot: Food Shopping

April 2013: Going Credit Card Free: Problem Solved or Problems Created?

March 2013: Beware the Endowment Effect!

February 2013: Getting Paid For Your Passion

January 2013: House or Condo. Which is Best For You?


December 2012: Know Your Money Psychology Style

November 2012: Winter Sun: Near-bys and Savvy Buys

October 2012: Dealing with the Dreaded "Information Breach" Letter

September 2012: When the Identity Thief is a Family Member

August 2012: Money Missteps - A great thing to happen to a kid?

July 2012: Finding an oasis in the housing market wilderness

June 2012: Save Money This Summer with an Energy Efficient Home

May 2012: Taking the Financial Stress out of Your Full Nest

April 2012: A Bigger Tax Refund Check is Not Always Better

March 2012: Make Plastic Fantastic

February 2012: A FICO Score to Open the Door


December 2011: How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Time Around

November 2011: Running With the Wolves (or at least the power shoppers) on Black Friday

September 2011: How Financially Savvy Are You?

August 2011: How a Downgrade of the U.S.'s Credit Rating May Affect You

July 2011: Summer Home Remodel Projects for Every Budget

June 2011: Automating Your Finances

May 2011: Turn Failure Around

April 2011: Handling Periodic Expenses

March 2011: Do You Need That Car?

February 2011: What Is Your Financial Compatibility?

January 2011: Should You Get a Store Card?


December 2010: Are You Financially Ready for a Pet?

November 2010: Writing a Complaint Letter

October 2010: Buying a Home Sold through Short Sale or Foreclosure

September 2010: Responsibilities of Being the Executor of an Estate

August 2010: What Credit Score Are You Purchasing?

July 2010: How to Lend Money

June 2010: Paying Old Debt

May 2010: Canceling a Credit Card

April 2010: Declutter and Save

March 2010: Communicating with Creditors

February 2010: Scams to Watch Out For

January 2010: Have a Financially Successful 2010


October 2009: What Happens to Debt After Death?

September 2009: Creating a Personal Financial Directory

August 2009: Lowering Pet Costs

July 2009: Talking to Aging Parents About Their Finances

June 2009: Splurging on a Budget

May 2009: Polish Your Credit Resume

April 2009: No Need to Panic if You Are Underwater

March 2009: How Will the Stimulus Bill Help You?

February 2009: Test Your Credit IQ

January 2009: Losing Weight on a Budget


December 2008: Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

November 2008: Financing a Funeral

October 2008: Lowering Your Property Taxes

September 2008: Should You Co-Sign?

August 2008: The Chargeback – Using Your Credit Card for Dispute Resolution

July 2008: Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

June 2008: Paying for College – Dealing with the Student Loan Crunch

May 2008: Teaching Your Children the Value of Money

April 2008: How to Beat the Shopping Blues

March 2008: Tax Time Does Not Need To Be Taxing!

February 2008: Money Smart Ways to Go Green

January 2008: Credit Card Scam: Beware Fake Investigators


December 2007: Holiday Shopping Tips

November 2007: The Five-Step Mortgage Management Plan:
What to Do if You’re Over Your Head

October 2007: Debt Settlement Companies: Don’t Settle for Less Than You Deserve

September 2007: Holiday Planning: It’s Not Too Early!

August 2007: Back to School Shopping: How to Make Educated Choices

July 2007: How to Fix a Credit Report Error

June 2007: Savvy Tips for Protecting Your Vacation Funds

May 2007: How to Spend an Income Tax Refund – Ten Money-Smart Suggestions

April 2007: How to Freeze Out a Fraudster

March 2007: Frugal Food Shopping: How to Take a Bite Out of Your Grocery Bill

January/February 2007: Ring in a Money-Savvy 2007: Seven Smart Suggestions to Get You Started


December 2006: Strengthen Your ARM Muscles – Plan for 2007's Increases Today

November 2006: Travel Expense Payment Options: How To Spend Your Holiday Vacation Dollar

October 2006: Shopping for Plastic: What to Look for in a Credit Card

September 2006: Ten Common, Costly Credit Habits (And Their Debt-Defying Alternatives)

August 2006: Fight Fraud–Activate an Alert!

July 2006: Before It's Too Late: What To Do If You Can't Pay

June 2006: No Sweat Summer Savings

May 2006: Five Financial Fresheners: A Money-Smart "To Do" List for Spring

April 2006: From Cash to Credit: How to Answer, "And How Would You Like to Pay Today?"

March 2006: The Bankruptcy Risk Score: What You Need to Know

February 2006: Dispelling Credit and Debt Myths

January 2006: Saving for Retirement in Five Simple Steps


December 2005: Thwart Thieves and Fight Fraud

November 2005: The Season's Guide to Internet Shopping

October 2005: Home Is Where the Insurance Is

September 2005: Before a Natural Disaster: Secure Your Finances

August 2005: Tip Your FICO Score in the Right Direction

July 2005: Should You Borrow from Your Retirement Plan

June 2005: It's a Deal! How To Enter (and Exit) a Contract

May 2005: How To Raise a Money Smart Child

April 2005: When There's a Will, There's a Way

March 2005: Approved! How to Mend Damaged Credit

February 2005: Love: What's Money Got To Do With It

January 2005: Homeownership: You can Get There From Here


December 2004: Cheers! Have a Happy Debt-free Holiday

October 2004: 20 Tips for Preventing ID Theft

August 2004: Don't Be Fuel-ish: How to Save at the Pump

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