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1. What is a common tactic used by advertisers?

Imply that your family will hate you if you do not buy their product or service
Imply that their product or service can provide the image or lifestyle you want
Imply that buying their product or service is the only way you will be successful in life

2. The desire to have a happy, perfect home is often used in advertising to sell what type of products?

Cooking and cleaning
Jewelry and cosmetics
Power tools and furniture

3. Trying to have the same level of material goods as your neighbors is called:

Keeping up with the Joneses
Keeping up with the Smiths
Keeping up with the Rockefellers

4. What can help you break out of unaffordable spending habits?

Using cash for all of your purchases
Using credit for all of your purchases
Periodically examining your finances

5. The longer you stay in a store:

The more likely you are to make an impulse purchase
The less likely you are to make an impulse purchase
Has no affect on the likelihood you will make an impulse purchase

6. Buying something on sale is:

Always a good cost-saving measure
Only beneficial if you were planning to buy it anyway
Only beneficial for food or another necessity

7 . If you like to shop when you are depressed, it is a good idea to:

Cut up your credit cards
Replace shopping with mood-boosting activities that are free
Take a friend with you when you go to the mall

8. Which of the following is an example of how money can get intermingled with love?

A parent buys a toy for his child because he had to work and missed her recital
A parent puts the holiday presents on a credit card because he has no savings
A parent buys a toy for his child because it was on sale

9. Interest that is earned on interest is called:

Multiplying interest
Exponential interest
Compound interest

10. People tend to spend less when they use a:

Credit card
Gift card
Debit card or cash

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