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1. Who is responsible for ensuring you have enough money in your account to cover your transactions?

Your financial institution
An independent checking account management service

2. To monitor your account for errors and unauthorized transactions, you should:

Do nothing because your financial institution will let you know if there is a problem
Balance your checkbook
Glance at your monthly statement and then throw it away

3. What check deposit method is recommended to avoid having checks lost or stolen?

Paper checks
Direct deposit
All deposit methods are equally safe from theft

4. Where is the safest place to keep your money?

With your financial institution
In a shoebox under your bed
With your financial institution but only if you purchase a protection plan

5. To best ensure your account information is secure, you should:

Keep your checks and cards on your person at all times
Only carry cards and checks you plan on using
Keep all cards and checks in a safe deposit box

6. If you have a ChexSystems report:

Getting a checking account is not impossible, but you may first need to repay any outstanding debt and/or take a class on checking account management
You will not be able to get a checking account under any circumstances
It will have no effect on your ability to get a checking account

7. If you use a debit card:

Money is immediately taken out of your checking account
The amount is deducted from your checking account at a specific time each month
You are borrowing against funds in your checking account

8. You can be held responsible for up to $500 of fraudulent ATM charges if:

You did not report the loss within 24 hours
You report the loss between 3 and 60 calendar days
You did not report the loss within 2 business days

9. You want to deposit a check into your checking account. You should:

Endorse the check with your signature
Endorse the check with your signature and social security number
Endorse the check with the words “For deposit only” and your signature

10. To keep track of the checks you write, make sure you always record:

The date the check was cashed
The number of checks you have remaining
The amount the checks were written for

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