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Piecing your life back together? Trying to help a loved one? Lucky so far but concerned?
Few things can wreak havoc on your finances like a natural disaster, but financial stability is within reach. Prepare for or recover from the financial impact of a catastrophe with these resources.

Take a deep breath. You may be facing a variety of financial concerns, but these materials can help you plan your next moves and get on the road to recovery.

Don't be caught off guard. No one is immune from Mother Nature. Brace your finances so they weather the storm with the information below.

Post-Natural Disaster Money Tips Download
Address post-crisis issues, including filing insurance claims, handling credit accounts, and reconstructing your home.

How to Plan for Financial Emergencies Download
Even if you have been lucky so far, it does not hurt to prepare for unexpected events.

Beware Predatory Lending Download
In the aftermath, you may need some cash – learn which loans you should avoid.

Emergency Savings Accounts Download
Equip yourself to handle a loss of income or unexpected expenses that can accompany an upheaval.

How to Communicate With a Creditor Download
Get the dos and don'ts of communicating before you pick up the phone.

Why You Should Have Renters Insurance Download
Find out more about renters insurance and how you can protect your property from loss.

Early Delinquency Intervention Download
Paying the mortgage can become a major burden after a crisis, but foreclosure can often be avoided.

Life Insurance Download
Ensure your loved ones are provided for if misfortune strikes.

Identity Theft Solutions Download
Protect yourself. A disaster can expose your personal information and increase your vulnerability to identity theft.

How Not To Lose Everything Download
Take these steps now to prepare your finances for unanticipated situations.

Fight Fraud with a Credit File Freeze Download
Learn what a freeze is and how it can protect you from identity theft.

Property Inventory Checklist Download
Make your inventory today, and be prepared
for tomorrow.

Financial First Aid Download
Cope with the difficulty of paying your bills due to a loss of income or unexpected expenses.

Personal Financial Information Organizer Download
Arrange your account information so you can contact your financial institutions quickly.