Divorce Financial Information Checklist

One way to bring at least a small measure of order to the often chaotic process of divorce is to properly prepare yourself for the financial transition. A divorce attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts can help guide you through this confusing time, but you will do yourself a big favor by gathering the necessary information and staying organized. Keeping a folder of the vital information listed below—whether electronically or in paper form—should make navigating all the required paperwork and decision-making less stressful.

Documents to make sure you have copies of:

  • Tax returns from the past five years
  • List of items in safe deposit boxes or storage
  • Proof of both spouses’ income, such as W-2 or 1099 forms
  • Statements from checking and savings account
  • Statements from investment accounts
  • Real estate and mortgage records
  • Home equity loan statements
  • Most recent property tax bill
  • Promissory notes
  • All insurance policies
  • Complete records for any businesses owned
  • Titles to any vehicles
  • Three most recent credit card statements
  • Statements for retirement accounts
  • Health insurance policies
  • List of personal property owned
  • Most recent property tax bill
  • A current household budget
  • Account statements for student loans
  • Account statements for personal loans
  • Most recent paystubs for both spouses
  • Medical savings account information
  • Statement on the mileage and condition for all vehicles

Send name/address changes to:

  • Financial institution(s)
  • Lenders
  • Home, life, health, auto insurance provider(s)
  • Accountant/Tax professional
  • Credit card companies
  • Investment account provider
  • DMV
  • IRS
  • Unemployment office
  • State tax board
  • Social Security Administration
  • Pension/retirement plans
  • Student loan providers
  • Mortgage company
  • Online business accounts
  • Credit bureaus
  • Titles or deeds that will be in your name
  • Veterans affairs

Change passwords for any accounts you will be taking over

Reexamine your needs for all insurance policies

Change beneficiaries for retirement, investment and insurance accounts

Bring your will current


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