Fall Savers: Items to Buy Now

You’ve undoubtedly heard about all the electronics that go on sale the day after Thanksgiving. But techno gadgets aren’t the only items offering big savings when bought in fall. Here are a few more goods to consider buying this autumn.

Have you ever found yourself rolling your eyes at people who do holiday shopping for their children starting in late September? Well, those folks might not be as loony as you think. The roll call of the current year’s hot new toys comes out in fall and fantastic bargains can be found on the previous year’s must-haves.

New car
It might seem like a no-brainer to buy last year’s model car when the new models come out in September. But if you can, wait until November to shop. By that time, the dealerships have some cars on their lot from last year they are afraid aren’t going to sell at all. Use this to your advantage to slice a large chunk off the price of your car.

Airline tickets
There’s the winter getaway, the annual summer vacation and spring break. Fall has… well, not much! Airlines know that this time of year typically isn’t when people are thinking vacation. Because of this, they offer discounts to entice you to buy the ticket for your future travel plans now.

Yard/patio supplies
Whether it’s a lawn mower, garden supplies or a barbecue grill, retailers struggle to move units related to summer home activities once the mercury starts to dip. It can help save money in the big picture if you can train yourself to start thinking of your needs a season or two in advance.

Wedding dress
A lot of marriage proposals happen around the holidays and the folks who run bridal boutiques are well aware of this. Because of the rush of new customers coming into their stores during January, bridal business owners want to have plenty of new dresses from which the brides-to-be can choose. Boutiques often have big sales in the fall to move in new inventory for their busy season in mid-winter.

For retailers, October and November are a mad dash to clear shelf space for holiday items. Traditionally, cooking tools have received some of the biggest price cuts. Those pots and pans take up a lot of space and store managers want them occupying your kitchen instead of their displays.

As always, these tips come with the caveat that it’s best to buy only the things you feel you really need. Spending money on a sale item that you didn’t need isn’t saving you any money. That said, if some of the above items are already on your shopping list, you’re in luck over the coming months.


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