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Checklists and Charts
Credit and Debt
  1. Are You In a Credit Card Crisis?
  2. Authorized Credit Card Users: Making Informed Choices
  3. Balance Transfer Offers: How to Use Them Wisely
  4. Bankruptcy Facts
  5. The Basics of Credit: What to Know Before You Borrow
  6. Beware Predatory Lending
  7. Buying Versus Leasing a Car
  8. Changes in Payday Frequency and Making Ends Meet
  9. The Chargeback: Using Your Credit Card for Dispute Resolution
  10. Credit Cards and College Students
  11. Credit Counseling and Debt Repayment Plans Can Help
  12. Credit Repair Companies: Should You Pay to Improve Your Credit?
  13. Dealing with Medical Debt
  14. Debt and Divorce: The Basics
  15. Debt Settlement Companies
  16. De-Stressing Debt: How to Overcome Arrears Anxiety
  17. Drive Away Happy: Car Buying Decisions
  18. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  19. Going Credit Card Free: Problem Solved or Problems Created?
  20. Hardship Letter Sample (PDF)
  21. How to Arrange a Debt Settlement
  22. How to Communicate With a Creditor
  23. How to Establish Credit
  24. How to Get the Best Vehicle Financing Deal
  25. How to Handle a Post-Judgment Debt
  26. How to Negotiate with Collection Agencies and Win
  27. Minimize Your Debt: When Less Is More
  28. "No Late Fee" Credit Cards: Are They Right For You?
  29. Opting Out of Credit Card Correspondence in California
  30. Payday Loans
  31. Paying for College: Dealing with the Student Loan Crunch
  32. Paying Old Debt
  33. Repaying Student Loans (PDF)
  34. Should You Co-Sign?
  35. Should You Get a Store Card?
  36. Steps for Rebuilding Credit
  37. The True Price of Credit
  38. Using Credit Wisely
  39. Vehicle Repossession
  40. Wage Garnishment
  41. What Debt Collectors Can't Do
  42. What to Do if You Cannot Make Your Car Payments

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