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We provide immediate access to a financial counselor by phone Monday through Thursday, 5am to 8pm (PST), Friday, 5am to 5pm, and Saturday, 8am to 5 pm.

Our Infoline counselors can answer a wide variety of financial and credit related questions and send you supplementary materials on your areas of interest.

Calls to our counselors can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your question and the amount of information you are looking for.

Call us at 888-456-2227 and describe your concern to one of our counselors today, or email us at info@balancepro.org (please do not email any sensitive information including your account numbers or social security number).

Common types of questions we answer every day

  • I'm having trouble paying my bills and I can't get a consolidation loan. What can I do?

  • How can I design a realistic budget to achieve my financial goals?

  • I just got notice that my wages will be garnished. What can I do?

  • What are my options for getting out of debt?

  • How can I get a copy of my credit report?

  • How can I remove inaccurate information from my credit report?

  • I want to buy a home in the next few years. How can I prepare for that?

  • I am getting a divorce. Who is responsible for bills and how will this affect my credit?

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